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It’s been a while since my previous blog entry… again…
I’m very busy ATM and have a little ammount of time to upload sth valuable to my site. That is why I’d like to share with you some of my most freshy faves from deviantart :)

So there we go :)

-= 1 =-

Kingdom on the Cliffs by ~DrawingNightmare on deviantART

-= 2 =-

Snowy mountains by *Blinck on deviantART

-= 3 =-

Forest village by *Blinck on deviantART

-= 4 =-

Sand and Ruins by *Blinck on deviantART

-= 5 =-

Stalagmite – Speed paint by *Blinck on deviantART

-= 6 =-

Swamp Elder 1 by ~alexnegrea on deviantART

-= 7 =-

Winter Travellers II by *andreasrocha on deviantART

-= 8 =-

Konya by ~erenarik on deviantART

-= 9 =-

Future Bar by ~DrawingNightmare on deviantART

-= 10 =-

Jang Khang Study by *k04sk on deviantART

And this is it :) But hey! I’ve got so much more of them in my Collection on deviantart – CLICK – so don’t be shy and go check them all :) I ensure you – there’s a lot of cool stuff there :)
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P.S. For this is my first blog entry this year – I’d like to wish you all a very amazing 2012 :) !!

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